Touchwaves develops intelligent, nurturing textiles that communicate with your body through waves of touch.

A deep-techspin-off of TNO at Holst Centre that designs and develops patented haptictechnology to create intelligent, nurturing textile products and brands. 

Smallvibration motors combined with washable and stretchable printed circuitry areintegrated in textiles with high attention for design, body comfort, userexperience and circularity. 

Ourintelligent textiles communicate through waves of touch sensations empoweringindividuals to strengthen their mind-body connection. 

A TNO at Holst Centre deep tech spinoff; powered by

Through our patented haptic technology, we combine small vibration motors with washable printed electronics. These vibration motors speak to our bodies, strengthen our mind-body connection and support us in our well-being goals.

Our intelligent textiles communicate with our body through waves of touch sensations empowering us to strengthen our mind-body connection and support us to achieve our well-being goals.

Stay tuned for our first consumer brand: MYSA. Learn more at 


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Embodied Companionship

Our products foster embodied companionship for physical, mental and emotional resilience.

Pioneers skilled in merging deep tech with the soft, nurturing qualities of textiles who strive to lead by good example. Driven by a shared holistic mindset and dedicated to making meaningful social impact. 

Charlotte Kjellander
Co-founder: Managing Director
PhD Materials Science
Winner Inspiring Fifty DeepTech


Pauline van Dongen 
Co-founder: Technology / Creative Director
PhD Fashion Design 
Winner Inspiring Fifty DeepTech 
Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech Europe


Caroline Ruijg
Co-founder: Commercial Director
MSc International Business and Brand Building
20+ years in Entrepreneurship



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